The Mighty Highlight Video

The Mighty Highlight Video, AKA the North Tabor Package, is by far a favorite of our clients. It’s technically a highlight video but so much more. It comes with full day coverage and you receive a 5-8 minute video highlighting all of the important parts of the day.  This video is great for people who want a professional video done of their day that is easy to share with friends and family. It is set completely to music which is an added bonus for those of us who are not particularly fond of hearing our voices on video. We need less videographers and less equipment for this video which allows us to take a more “fly on the wall” approach while filming, allowing us to stay more behind the scenes rather than front and center.

One of the best things about this video is the price. At only $1800 it makes having a professional wedding video affordable to many who thought they didn’t have the budget for it. We’ve heard from many brides that one of their biggest regrets from their wedding was not having it filmed. By only using one videographer and not using audio, we are able to eliminate a lot of cost and still be able to provide an incredible piece of art that you can watch year after year.

Jenn and Kyle -One of our many North Tabor Films

A huge focus of our videos is on the people and emotion of the day. We will obviously get the artistic shots of wedding décor and the accompanying scenery but our favorite thing about weddings are the people and the joy and emotion we are able to capture on film. I remember thinking, after our wedding, how this was the best day ever! Everyone we loved from all over the world was gathered in one place. I looked and felt the most beautiful I ever had and everyone else looked amazing as well. It was the most expensive and in turn best party I had ever hosted and attended. Then with the speeches, I had never felt so showered with love and blessings. So many incredible feels going on and I am so glad we were able to catch it on film, still pictures just can’t compete with what film can capture.

A very subtle, but incredibly impactful piece that Chris is able to do in post production, is in his music selection. Before Chris was a videographer he was in a band. His band and love for music is actually what led him to videography as he is the one who produces and edits their music videos. Chris has great taste in music and spends a lot of time searching for songs that he feels matches the emotion of the day and fits the couples’ personalities. Since Chris is also a singer/songwriter, musical composer and produces his own music he is able to adapt songs to match perfectly the feeling and emotions being portrayed in each aspect of the video. The North Tabor Package is Chris’s favorite film to create because the music plays such an impactful role in this video. Since there are no voice overlays going along with the video, it is up to the music to set the tone and Chris loves this added layer of creativity he is able to incorporate into your video.

We have nicknamed it, “The Mighty Highlight Video”, because when you choose to have Long Light Productions produce a highlight video of your wedding, it is so much more than a simple highlight video.  We have heard from many people that there is just something about our videos which sets us apart. After reflecting on this I believe it is the focus on people and the uniquely modified and mastered musical accompaniment paired together that produces such a beautiful and emotionally filled video.

Brad and Kylee- Another North Tabor Package masterpiece!

While The North Tabor Package is Chris’s favorite package, mine is Laurelhurst. Stay tuned for my next post on The Laurelhurst Package which was specifically tailored by me, Tiffany, of everything I could possibly want out of a wedding video if I could do it again :)

Look How Far We've Come

I wanted to write our first blog post as a reflection on how we came to where we are. In 2014, Chris and I decided to see if we could make a living out of this crazy talent he had of making videos. It all started with Chris’s band Fallstar. Being in a band is tough and Chris had to teach himself how to do EVERYTHING there to promote and keep a band running including partially shooting and editing their music videos. Friends saw his talent and he began to do freelance work including commercial, fashion and motion graphics.



We needed to start somewhere so we asked if we could shoot a good friend’s wedding for free as “practice”. Check out “Dave and Kaitlin’s” wedding video below and I think its pretty obvious, Chris had a natural talent and eye for wedding cinematography from the very beginning. Chris shot and produced 4 wedding videos that first year from Thumbtack referrals and we decided we had enough experience and sample videos to start marketing ourselves to the wedding world.

In 2015 we were pregnant with and had our first child, got a puppy, bought and completely renovated our first home, and started 2 new jobs in addition to our wedding videography business Searatz Media Weddings.

Needless to say we were a bit short on cash and time but we did the best we could and emptied what was left of our savings to get into a couple wedding shows to try and get our name out there.  Our hard work paid off and we booked twice as many weddings in 2016 and had a blast meeting new couples and expanding our business.

A couple of our first shows as Searatz Media Weddings

Now 2017 is here and it is so exciting to see how far we have come in just one year. Searatz Media was Chris’s multimedia business and we tagged Searatz Media Weddings as our exclusive wedding videography line. However we felt we needed to completely separate ourselves from his side business and that is how we became Long Light Productions. With a little money in the business bank account we were able to completely re-brand ourselves and are finally feeling like we’ve found our place. We are so excited to see what this year brings.

While Chris continues to learn more and perfect his shooting and editing, some of those early 2015 SRM (Searatz Media) films remain our favorites. From the beginning, Chris has had an uncanny ability to capture the emotional highlights of the day and match those moments up perfectly to music creating breathtaking cinematic masterpieces.  Stay tuned for our next blog post, where I will talk more about Chris’s musical background and why he loves shooting our most popular video package, North Tabor, AKA “The Mighty Highlight Video”.

Thanks for going on this journey with us :)