"For the Love of Dogs" Loft at the Red Building Wedding - Astoria, OR | Ben and Kelly

Gosh it’s been a busy season! On top of shooting a bunch, me and Tiff just had another baby boy(Cannon Elliott) and moved back into our house after a year and a half renovation. So I’m now typing in my new office, instead of the basement partitioned by hanging blankets. #FeelsGood

Really stoked to finally post this film I did for an awesome couple Ben and Kelly. Really felt like good buddies leaving this wedding and we even stayed for a bit after we were done shooting, cause we were having fun! Kelly and Ben are both Veterinarians and love their dogs, so it was awesome to include them in the portraits. Our dog Kova is a huge Malamute Wolf mix, and he just had torn his ACL, and later in the day we were joking about how we should have just traded their wedding video for a TPLO surgery… we seriously would have done that:) Also the title for this video is just silly. Kelly and Ben’s relationship is so much more than loving dogs, but I talk about dogs lots in this post, so I figured why not? Who doesn’t love dogs?

The wedding and reception were held at The Loft at the Red Building. Amazing light, awesome owners, and the best view of Astoria. Most of these shots were taken at the venue, and the super cool shots in the rafters(or beams? I don’t know what to call it) were taken directly underneath the venue. It’s so rad when a couple is down to get a little dirty and adventurous because it really opens up so many cool location options to make a great film.

Our photographer buddy for the day was Seppi Ramos shooting for Powers Photography Studios. Seppi is the frickn’ best. We absolutely loved working with him and watching him dive on the ground or walk long distances for the perfect angle. We just recently shot another wedding with him last month and we’ll be posting that soon.

Good stuff. Hope you enjoy the film as much as we did!

Much Loves,


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Venue | Loft at the Red Building

Photography | Powers Photography Studios