Chandler's Gardens Wedding, Celina, Tx | Matthew and Annaliese

For our first wedding of the year me and Tiff got to travel out to Dallas to shoot our good friend Matt's wedding. It was February, and it's always nice to get out of the Portland rain for a little break. 

Matt and Annaliese wanted a pretty simple and straightforward film, so there's no audio, just good times and a focus on both of their amazing families.  Matt has lived in a few different places during his 20's, which made filming this really fun because all his friends from different states got to meet each other for the first time. Both families are devout Christians, and there was a joy and a reverence that was easy to capture in the film. The family prayer during the ceremony, to the wild dancing in the evening made for a special time. 

You may notice all the different shots of Legos in the film. Matt loves Legos. Plastic gold he says... and he's right. One year when me and Tiff were fundraising to go back to Uganda to work in the orphanage that we visit most years, Matt donated about 30 boxes of unopened Legos. I sold them on Ebay and it ended up funding most of our trip! So every table had a little random assortment of Legos for each guest to make their own character.

I messed around with different colors in this film and really loved how the reds came out. Geek stuff I know, but thought I'd mention it. Also we shoot some polaroids at every wedding just for fun, and I think we're gonna start using them as the video thumbnails. So we aren't low-resing our photos in post, that's the real deal:) Was really fun editing this, and was cracking up editing all the dancing scenes. Two of my brothers were there hamming it up super hard. Hope you all enjoy

Much Loves,


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Venue | Chandler's Gardens

Photography | Lorena Burns Photography

Little note about the photos. Any of the nice photos are by Lorena, all the rest are from friends:)