Youngberg Hill Vineyards Wedding McMinnville, OR | Megan and Eric

With the closing of 2017, we wanted to take some time to share with you some of our favorite weddings from this past year. I met up for drinks with Megan and Eric about a month before their wedding date to discuss day of details, and right away I knew how the day would feel. Megan and Eric are really easy to talk to and super laid back. They're just buds, and the comfort and ease of their relationship extends outward to others. Fast forward to September, me and Tiff found ourselves winding through seemingly endless miles of backroads to arrive at Youngberg Hill Vinyards . I'm uncultured and had never visited a vineyard before, so naturally I was blown away by the expansive beauty of the place. We had recently bought our drone and it was a perfect place to capture the wedding from a new vantage point way up in the sky. Tiffany was just getting down tracking with the drone and we were pretty stoked on some of the shots she got in this video. I shot the day alongside Amanda Meg who was doing photos. She had some great ideas and was so fun for us to work with.(BTW all these amazing photos were taken by her) 

As the day moved toward mid afternoon, the heat really turned up. It's pretty understandable for people to get a bit impatient wearing full wedding attire, but this wedding party didn't seem to be bothered. I was sweating through my shirt and these guys were just hamming it up and loving life. Thats the way it should be. You can see during the pre ceremony wedding party pictures, that these guys were so excited to be there and it really shows throughout the whole day. Though Megan and Eric are from Oregon, they lived in Colorado for a bit, and lots and lots of people travelled here for the wedding. Lots of weddings have that family/friend reunion type feel, and I love capturing that feeling. 

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we do. This is the North Tabor package.

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Venue: Youngberg Hill Vinyards 

Photos: Amanda Meg Photography