Zenith Vineyard Wedding Salem, OR | Mike and Chelsea

Back in 2016 I shot a wedding for Brad and Kylee. It was at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and is still one of my favorites to this day. (you can watch that video here) One year later we were so excited to hear from Chelsea, who is Kylee's sister. The whole group of friends and family are wonderful people who love a good party, and it's not often you get to shoot with the same folks at different weddings. It was fun recognizing people from my last video(cause lord knows I'm looking at 20-30 hours of faces while I edit:) and seeing a similar party, but with it's own personality. There's a fun little part in Kylee's film where Chelsea jumps over her nieces during the reception. It was such a memorable little moment, and we got a chance to recreate that moment at Mike and Chelsea's wedding, but this time Kylee does the jumping. 

Zenith Vinyards was beautiful and the day was bright. We got amazing light for the sunset photos(which I would always recommend) and the ceremony light was just perfect. I worked this day alongside Jake and Anna of Sweetlife Photography, and you can see their work from the day down below.

Hope you enjoy the video, this was a North Tabor package.

Much Loves,



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Venue | Zenith Vinyard

Photography | Sweetlife Photography