The Barn on Jackson Wedding Chehalis, WA | Dillon and Becky

This is a wedding we shot in October, at the quirkiest venue, The Barn on Jackson. I spent a little time in Australia, and the vibe of this place reminded me of a multi family country abode. The bride's quarters were brick with hanging vines, there were roaming goats and an expansive field, and the barn was a mix of weathered wood and brick that just had a rustic warm feel to it.

Becky and Dillon are a wonderful couple. They're very welcoming and hilarious. I have so much footage from this wedding that just cracks me up, that I was momentarily tempted to include some audio clips in the video. And yes those are shots of tequila being taken during the ceremony, just perfect:) 

This wedding is shot in the format of the Laurelhurst Package. You'll see its a bit longer than the North Tabor packages and there is audio from the speeches and the ceremony. Usually I like doing some sort of interview footage with the bride and groom, but Becky and Dillon wanted to keep it super chill and candid, and it worked really well for their video style. The drone footage of course looked amazing thanks to Tiffany, and we also had our friend Wiley Parker there to help us shoot the full ceremony video. Wiley is so good at shooting and he also happens to be the brother in law of the wedding photographer that day, Caito. All the photos on this blog were taken by her, and as you can see she's so creative. 

Love this video and really happy to finally share its goodness with y'all. 

Much Loves,

Photography: Caito

Venue: The Barn on Jackson

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