The Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding in Happy Valley, OR | Mollie & Ryan

Ryan & Mollie are so welcoming. They have a vibe of hospitality about them, and even though it was their wedding day we felt so at home with them. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the pre ceremony prep they just seemed to be enjoying their time.

Every year we occupy the booth across from The Aerie at the Portland Bridal Show, and we feel like we know them, but we’ve never actually shot a wedding at their venue before. It was nice to see their same familiar faces outside of the chaotic wedding show context. Since the venue sits on a golf course, there are so many pretty places to shoot, and what we had time for was shooting on the green, a small wooded cove, and the back patio at night. There were so many cool spots we still wanna check out over there, but you can see a few in this film.

Everything about Ryan & Mollie and their style, was classy and seemed almost timeless. We tried to capture that feeling in editing this film, and even at the end of the film we added in some black and white shots to compliment that feeling.

I think this film really exemplifies the power of personal vows. Both Mollie and Ryan put in so much time to communicate to each other what this day meant for them, it was a powerful thing to witness, and really made this film special. It’s not like they were being super poetic or flashy either, just speaking from the heart with a lot of thought behind their words. I think my favorite part of this film was Mollie’s mom dancing outside of the venue, haha I was so excited to see that shot when i was going through the footage.

Hope you enjoy and congrats Mollie & Ryan!

Much Loves,


Venue | The Aerie at Eagle Landing

Photography | Lester Tsai Photography