Abbey Road Farm Wedding in Carlton, OR | Jon & Brianne

This April we got to head back to Wine Country in Carlton, Oregon. We love our forests, and we love our ocean, but out here what we love is the view. The hills roll on for miles and all you see is different shades of green with little obstruction, which is really different from our wooded buttes in Portland. This was our first time visiting Abbey Road Farm and this wedding took place a month before they opened their main building(which is beautiful btw!) so that’s why the ceremony and reception were under tents. We don’t mind tents though:) We really enjoyed walking back and fourth all day through the little gardens and past the livestock and everything felt pretty close together. The whole place was creatively though out and beautiful.

Usually we get together with our couples a month before their wedding date, but with Jon & Brianne we weren’t able to meet until the day of. They are awesome, and I think we all can say we had a pretty good time together. Also they just had wonderful friends and family. I love when the whole dance floor circles Jon & Brianne and wraps them in a giant group hug. I also absolutely loved when Jon’s friends carried him on their shoulders back to the dance floor. I just barely got my camera ready for that shot! This venue allowed for some really wide views over the landscape so we drove a bit up the hill overlooking the valley and got some of my favorite portraits so far. Our partners in photo were Kalahan & Sean, and we all worked so well together bouncing ideas off each other.

We really love shooting on cloudy days. I love the wind blowing throughout this whole film and I love the colors. I also love how it didn’t rain till after the ceremony and portraits:) I loved the toasts and they definitely confirmed what I suspected about Brianne & Jon’s character and were delivered in a funny and meaningful way. Hope you enjoy the film and congrats you two!

Much Loves,


Venue | Abbey Road Farm

Photography | Kalahan and Sean

Planning and Coordinating | Griffen Event Management

MUAH | Blossom and Beauty

Floral | Swoon Floral Design