Tacoma Yacht Club Wedding in Tacoma, WA | Jordan & Abigail

This weekend we shot our last wedding of the season. Crazy! That went by really fast and once again we got to meet the most wonderful couples and have a lot of fun doing our job. I don’t just say that to be nice, we genuinely feel really lucky. This year it felt like every time we got in the car to drive home, we would just talk about how awesome the bride and the groom were. That was definitely the case with Jordan and Abby. They were both similar in the way that they didn’t have to try to be nice, they were just naturally kind and hospitable. It’s ok to be a little stressed or anxious on your wedding day, most are and it’s a big deal, but if either of them were, I couldn’t tell. The space around these two was filled with easy going joy and confidence.

The venue for their wedding was the Tacoma Yacht Club, and it’s adjacent to the Dune Peninsula Park, which was where we shot the first look and has all the pretty tall grass and big cement steps. The day was perfect with a slight breeze and spotty clouds as you can see. I just love the drone footage Tiffany got in this film. The blues of the water are unreal. My favorite parts of this film are the vows, the wind and boats in the background of Jordan & Abby’s portraits, and when everyone lifts them both into the air during the reception. Lemme go back to the vows… I would never cry because I am a professional(well, maybe a little, and Tiff def did haha), but man those were the most perfect words they could have said to each other. So glad we can document moments like that, it makes what we do feel really important.

Hope you enjoy the film and can’t wait to edit the rest of the year in my office with some hot tea. This was an awesome day and congrats you two!

Much Loves,


Venue | Tacoma Yacht Club

Photo | Jane and Co

Heiser Farms Wedding in Dayton, OR | Kelsey & Christopher

Last month we got to head back to Heiser Farms in Dayton Oregon to film Chris & Kelsey’s wedding. This was the second time we we’ve shot there and we just love the wide open feeling of the place. There were no clouds in the sky and it was hot, and while it’s really nice to have a little clouds for the day, we were looking forward to our ten minutes of sunset portraits with Kelsey and Chris.

We met these two at the Portland Bridal Show and again at a Portland coffee shop in Ladd’s Addition a month before the wedding. We were told their day would be one big party and it certainly was. I think my favorite part of the film was when everyone got on the tables and danced during the Jason Durelo “Trumpets” song. It was right as we were packed up to leave, but I had to get the camera out to capture that moment. There was barely any light and the footage is a bit grainy, but this seemed somewhat like a tribal ritual and I had to get it on camera haha. They also told us a little bit of their story of how they came to be together, and I feel like we got an amazing glimpse into their lives together during their vows and when their siblings spoke during the toasts. Other moments and shots we loved were when Chris’s brother danced with Kelsey, the drone shot when the couple entered the reception(Tiff waited forever for this shot:) and the sunset photos where Chris is holding Kelsey.

We had so much fun with these two, and the vendor team was lovely as well. It was one of those days that just rushes by in a blissful blur and where we feel so blessed to have this as our job. Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

Much Loves,


Venue | Heiser Farms

Photo | Greenleaf Perez

DJ | DJ Barakade

Abbey Road Farm Wedding in Carlton, OR | Jon & Brianne

This April we got to head back to Wine Country in Carlton, Oregon. We love our forests, and we love our ocean, but out here what we love is the view. The hills roll on for miles and all you see is different shades of green with little obstruction, which is really different from our wooded buttes in Portland. This was our first time visiting Abbey Road Farm and this wedding took place a month before they opened their main building(which is beautiful btw!) so that’s why the ceremony and reception were under tents. We don’t mind tents though:) We really enjoyed walking back and fourth all day through the little gardens and past the livestock and everything felt pretty close together. The whole place was creatively though out and beautiful.

Usually we get together with our couples a month before their wedding date, but with Jon & Brianne we weren’t able to meet until the day of. They are awesome, and I think we all can say we had a pretty good time together. Also they just had wonderful friends and family. I love when the whole dance floor circles Jon & Brianne and wraps them in a giant group hug. I also absolutely loved when Jon’s friends carried him on their shoulders back to the dance floor. I just barely got my camera ready for that shot! This venue allowed for some really wide views over the landscape so we drove a bit up the hill overlooking the valley and got some of my favorite portraits so far. Our partners in photo were Kalahan & Sean, and we all worked so well together bouncing ideas off each other.

We really love shooting on cloudy days. I love the wind blowing throughout this whole film and I love the colors. I also love how it didn’t rain till after the ceremony and portraits:) I loved the toasts and they definitely confirmed what I suspected about Brianne & Jon’s character and were delivered in a funny and meaningful way. Hope you enjoy the film and congrats you two!

Much Loves,


Venue | Abbey Road Farm

Photography | Kalahan and Sean

Planning and Coordinating | Griffen Event Management

MUAH | Blossom and Beauty

Floral | Swoon Floral Design

The Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding in Happy Valley, OR | Mollie & Ryan

Ryan & Mollie are so welcoming. They have a vibe of hospitality about them, and even though it was their wedding day we felt so at home with them. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the pre ceremony prep they just seemed to be enjoying their time.

Every year we occupy the booth across from The Aerie at the Portland Bridal Show, and we feel like we know them, but we’ve never actually shot a wedding at their venue before. It was nice to see their same familiar faces outside of the chaotic wedding show context. Since the venue sits on a golf course, there are so many pretty places to shoot, and what we had time for was shooting on the green, a small wooded cove, and the back patio at night. There were so many cool spots we still wanna check out over there, but you can see a few in this film.

Everything about Ryan & Mollie and their style, was classy and seemed almost timeless. We tried to capture that feeling in editing this film, and even at the end of the film we added in some black and white shots to compliment that feeling.

I think this film really exemplifies the power of personal vows. Both Mollie and Ryan put in so much time to communicate to each other what this day meant for them, it was a powerful thing to witness, and really made this film special. It’s not like they were being super poetic or flashy either, just speaking from the heart with a lot of thought behind their words. I think my favorite part of this film was Mollie’s mom dancing outside of the venue, haha I was so excited to see that shot when i was going through the footage.

Hope you enjoy and congrats Mollie & Ryan!

Much Loves,


Venue | The Aerie at Eagle Landing

Photography | Lester Tsai Photography

Left Bank Annex Wedding in Portland, OR | Natalie & Matt

Natalie & Matt planned a real classy wedding in industrial Portland, with a quick walk in the Portland Rose Test Garden for their first look. The day was on and off with light rain and bright sunshine, starting in a magical garden and ending in an old building full of soul in the heart of the city. Natalie & Matt have a huge support network of friends and family, and we heard the kindest words from them, followed by the biggest party.

Anytime we get to shoot in the artsy industrial parts of Portland we get so excited. We just love the tall windows, exposed brick and cement walls found at the Left Bank Annex. Our favorite spots to shoot are the stairwell where we filmed Matt getting ready, and the Bridal room where Natalie was sitting by the window. There are so many lines and dramatic light to play with in those spots, and it’s nice to give the bride and groom their own separate moments in the film. For the garden we were lucky to get a sprinkle of rain during their portraits that really threw the light into awesome colors. You can really see that in their film, and when that happens it’s pretty special. Also Matt’s face when he sees Natalie for the first time… come on!

During the toasts I was running around like a crazy person, so I didn’t really hear much on the day of. But later listening to the Father of the Bride toast I knew it was something special. Natalie & Matt didn’t want any audio in their film except music, but I always try to capture audio for moments like these. When I sent Natalie both versions of the film, she was so happy to hear her Fathers voice and that what he said in that moment could be preserved forever.

This wedding was featured in Aisle Planner click the blue to read more!

Much Loves,


Venue | Left Bank Annex

Photo | Sweetlife Photography

Floral | The Flower Market

Makeup & Hair | Colour Authority

Heiser Farms Wedding - Dayton, OR | Karleigh and Austin

Here’s another film from this last summer that we shot in Dayton, OR for Karleigh and Austin. We met these two through Eric and Megan who’s wedding we shot last year, and this is another friend group that we’ve had so much fun with. The whole day was very relaxed and it felt like we had all the time in the world to shoot what we needed. The girls were drinking out of red solo cups and dancing, and the guys were hitting the beer bongs and dunking on a basketball hoop in the barn loft, really just perfect ways to prepare for a wedding.

For their ceremony, Karleigh and Austin decided to write their own vows. We always recommend couples do this because it really captures the story of the couple and what makes their love so special. When it came time to piece together their film we had no shortage of amazing moments to help tell their story. But seriously their vows are awesome, and it’s not cause they are crazy poets or anything, they just took the time and talked about the things that drew them together.

Highlights for me when I watch this film are the golden hour shots, the drone shots over the rows of trees, the non look first looks, and the vows. There was so much happening all day because there was so much room at the venue. Guests were riding a mini train, dancing, playing yard games and drinking all night long. Me and Tiff had a wonderful time and really just love that our jobs just don’t feel like work to us.

Much Loves,


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Venue | Heiser Farms

Photography | About the Day (all photos featured besides video thumbnail)

The Dalles Ranch Wedding - The Dalles, OR | Bailey and Chris

This last year of weddings was different for us because most of our bookings were within a span of 2 months. There is always definitely a wedding season, but usually our work is more spread out and we’ll have a week or two between shooting. But this last year we were running around and shooting nonstop for 8 or 9 weeks. So we ended up doing two weddings in a weekend on multiple occasions, and even though we put so much thought and energy into a wedding day, we found that it wasn’t too bad. Each wedding day is a different setting, with different people and with different energy, so even though our bodies were pretty tired, creatively we still felt fresh and we were able to enjoy what we love to do.

Chris and Bailey booked us I think about two years in advance. Bailey has been our biggest fan for a long time and so encouraging to us, she even inspired Elie & Mickey(Check out their film here) to book with us. So we had been looking forward to shooting their wedding for a while.

Our day started about 12:30am when we finished backing up all our footage from Saturdays wedding, then we got some sleep, and woke up early to head to the Dalles, OR. After an hour and a half on the freeway, and 45 minutes on the slowest dustiest dirt road ever, we arrived at The Dalles Ranch. The venue is actually a couple’s home and this was the last event they would be holding there. The place is secluded and beautiful, with fields, forest, orchards, and so many hummingbirds!(My spirit animal)

Bailey and Chris have been together a long time, and they were so comfortable together. Also their timeline allowed for lots of time for portraits and exploring the venue for cool shots, which we were thrilled about! I would encourage everyone to make time for sunset photos. It can be really magical as you can see in this film. The day past quickly with lots of laughing, so many kind words about these two, and familiar faces. Dancing was so good and my favorite part of this whole film is Bailey twirling in her Viking helmet. Also Chris and Bailey’s vows to each other were the kind of words you can find when you’ve been together so long, really cool stuff.

Loved the all the gold and the pink colors in this film and happy to show it to y’all.

Much Loves,


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Venue | The Dalles Ranch

Photography | Niki Rhodes Photo

"Familia" Zenith Vineyard Wedding - Salem, OR | Eva and Adrian

Me and Tiff first met Eva and Adrian at the Portland Bridal Show. When we Skyped a couple months later it was nice to recognize their faces. We had a lot of fun on the call brainstorming and tossing ideas around about how to film their wedding. The ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mt. Angel and the reception was at Zenith Vineyard in Salem, and Adrian had lots of cool shots that he wanted with the drone around the venue. It was cool he was so stoked on geeking out about different shots and I think we were able to capture his vision.

There were so many new things for me at this wedding. First I’d never been to a full mass, and had no idea what all went into a service, but it was kinda nice to see some of the rituals that I had only heard about. Also during the reception the balloon game was wild!(it’s in the film) And I especially loved the mariachi band and the groom dance, where Adrian had to wear an apron and hold a broom.(that’s in the film too:) My mom is full Mexican and from a huge family, but we never got to see them after we moved to Oregon, and I wonder how many parties like this I missed, so this was especially fun for me to be a part of and it all felt very familiar.

Loved the sunset shots and I loved shooting under the elaborate ceiling of the church. Really cool to have so much variation in setting all in one day. Also we both just loved Eva and Adrian and impressed us as such happy and kind people.

Hope you like the film and Much Loves,


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Venue | Zenith Vineyard

Photography | Shadow Masters & Sound Photography


"Links" The Oregon Golf Club - West Linn, OR | Meghan and Scott

Just heard of the term “links” (meaning golf) and had some amazing puns for this title, but I found myself in need of a punctuation device not yet created. With a double parentheses I could have said “link(s)(ed) together” or something of that nature, and you Dad’s out there would have lol’d so good! Can you tell I haven’t talked to anyone over 3 years old today?

Anyways, wanted to write about this wonderful wedding we shot this past May at The Oregon Golf Club. I met Meghan and Scott a couple years ago when we shot their friends Sam and Mark’s wedding. That wedding was great and Meghan and Scott were wild and so much fun to be around, and I was really happy when they emailed us for their wedding. I’d only ever seen them in party mode, but hearing their letters to each other at their first look gave me more of an idea of the depth of their love for each other. It’s a pretty special thing to be present for moments like these.

Loved seeing so many familiar faces in this wedding and the whole day felt really relaxed. And man, once the reception started the party was real. One of my favorite parts from this film, was when Meghan and Scott enter the reception and Meghan tee’s up Scott for a swing… so good! Also watching Meghan’s Dad dance was amazing, if you’re looking for it in the film, you’ll know it when you see it:)

This was the brightest hottest day so far that year, but I had a lot of fun working with Jordan and Scott(Jordan and Scott Photo) finding creative ways to work with the light and we found some great spots. Their pictures from the day are on their site if you wanna check um out. Really liked working with those guys.

Enjoy and Much Loves,


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Venue | The Oregon Golf Club

Photography | Jordan and Scott Photo

"For the Love of Dogs" Loft at the Red Building Wedding - Astoria, OR | Ben and Kelly

Gosh it’s been a busy season! On top of shooting a bunch, me and Tiff just had another baby boy(Cannon Elliott) and moved back into our house after a year and a half renovation. So I’m now typing in my new office, instead of the basement partitioned by hanging blankets. #FeelsGood

Really stoked to finally post this film I did for an awesome couple Ben and Kelly. Really felt like good buddies leaving this wedding and we even stayed for a bit after we were done shooting, cause we were having fun! Kelly and Ben are both Veterinarians and love their dogs, so it was awesome to include them in the portraits. Our dog Kova is a huge Malamute Wolf mix, and he just had torn his ACL, and later in the day we were joking about how we should have just traded their wedding video for a TPLO surgery… we seriously would have done that:) Also the title for this video is just silly. Kelly and Ben’s relationship is so much more than loving dogs, but I talk about dogs lots in this post, so I figured why not? Who doesn’t love dogs?

The wedding and reception were held at The Loft at the Red Building. Amazing light, awesome owners, and the best view of Astoria. Most of these shots were taken at the venue, and the super cool shots in the rafters(or beams? I don’t know what to call it) were taken directly underneath the venue. It’s so rad when a couple is down to get a little dirty and adventurous because it really opens up so many cool location options to make a great film.

Our photographer buddy for the day was Seppi Ramos shooting for Powers Photography Studios. Seppi is the frickn’ best. We absolutely loved working with him and watching him dive on the ground or walk long distances for the perfect angle. We just recently shot another wedding with him last month and we’ll be posting that soon.

Good stuff. Hope you enjoy the film as much as we did!

Much Loves,


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Venue | Loft at the Red Building

Photography | Powers Photography Studios

"Pure Joy" - Youngberg Hill Vineyard Wedding McMinnville, OR | Elie and Mickey

A couple months ago we got to shoot a wedding for an awesome couple. Mickey and Elie are two giant sized personalities balanced by charisma and an attentive sweetness. The whole day felt very inclusive, nostalgic and humming with an excitement.

We were so happy to return to Youngberg Hill Vineyard as it was the site of one of our favorite weddings last year. Seeing it green was a big contrast from the late summer gold we had shot in previously, and we were loving the overcast just on the verge of rain all day long.

Our dancing partners for the day were the Love Lit Wedding Photography ladies. Their shooting style and posing was everything I like to shoot, so everything went really fast and we loved vibing with them. 

I think this video is one of the best we’ve made so far. We took the beginning of the year dreaming and questioning what we can do to push ourselves creatively, and this video really showcases the different shots, colors, and story composition that we are shooting for in this coming year. The speeches were also just amazing, and that really helped us tell a great story. We’ve got a couple videos we’re still working on this week, and we’re getting so excited to post them very soon.

Hope you enjoyed this film. We had a blast making it. The singing was loud, the room got hot, and the floor was bouncing late into the night.


Much Loves,


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Venue | Youngberg Hill Vineyard

Photography | Love Lit Wedding Photography

Chandler's Gardens Wedding, Celina, Tx | Matthew and Annaliese

For our first wedding of the year me and Tiff got to travel out to Dallas to shoot our good friend Matt's wedding. It was February, and it's always nice to get out of the Portland rain for a little break. 

Matt and Annaliese wanted a pretty simple and straightforward film, so there's no audio, just good times and a focus on both of their amazing families.  Matt has lived in a few different places during his 20's, which made filming this really fun because all his friends from different states got to meet each other for the first time. Both families are devout Christians, and there was a joy and a reverence that was easy to capture in the film. The family prayer during the ceremony, to the wild dancing in the evening made for a special time. 

You may notice all the different shots of Legos in the film. Matt loves Legos. Plastic gold he says... and he's right. One year when me and Tiff were fundraising to go back to Uganda to work in the orphanage that we visit most years, Matt donated about 30 boxes of unopened Legos. I sold them on Ebay and it ended up funding most of our trip! So every table had a little random assortment of Legos for each guest to make their own character.

I messed around with different colors in this film and really loved how the reds came out. Geek stuff I know, but thought I'd mention it. Also we shoot some polaroids at every wedding just for fun, and I think we're gonna start using them as the video thumbnails. So we aren't low-resing our photos in post, that's the real deal:) Was really fun editing this, and was cracking up editing all the dancing scenes. Two of my brothers were there hamming it up super hard. Hope you all enjoy

Much Loves,


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Venue | Chandler's Gardens

Photography | Lorena Burns Photography

Little note about the photos. Any of the nice photos are by Lorena, all the rest are from friends:)

Indian Wells Country Club Wedding, Indian Wells, CA | Karha and Ryan

Last November we traveled to Palm Springs to shoot our friends Karha and Ryan's wedding. Tiff has known Karha for over 15 years and it was really special to see her marry the love of her life.

The wedding took place at Indian Wells Country Club, and though we've done so many weddings, this was the our first country club shoot. I'm not a golfer, and my mind only knows the par 3's we would ride our bikes through as kids, so I did not expect the desert country club to be beautiful, haha but it was! Take a thirty second walk from the ceremony and it feels like you're in Joshua Tree or something.

I think my favorite thing from this wedding was the speech made by Karha's little son Rex. "It's a great day for me and my Mom to get married." Karha and Rex have been through a lot, and it seems like Ryan came into their life at just the perfect time. Right before the ceremony Karha surprised Ryan with final adoption papers for Rex. The day was a perfect union of Husband and Wife, and of Mother, Father and Child.

The pictures in this post are from the very talented Kati Nicole. We're both a huge fan of her work, and it was so fun hanging out all weekend with such a sweet person.

Much Loves,


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Venue | Indian Wells Country Club

Photography | Kati Nicole

Venture Workshop & Styled Shoot

Two weeks ago I attended my first wedding filmmaker workshop. I'd never thought or heard of a specific workshop like that, but my one and only friend in the biz who I come to for advice, (Anna Joyce / Joyce Films) suggested that I attend Venture. Since I live in a vacuum, I had never heard of White in Revery, Forestry Films, Everly Films, and Seth Dunlop, who are all incredible leaders in the industry. Folks flew in from all over the world, to the Silverton Lodge in Oregon to sharpen their skills and learn from the best.

For the last ten years I've learned everything I know about films from the internet. I've never taken classes and didn't have anyone to show me the ropes, so the chance to ask questions and learn the work process of some amazing film makers was an unreal experience for me. Just to be able to talk film making with someone else was nice, but to talk about color grading, software, lenses, and story crafting blew my mind. There were lectures in the morning with topics ranging from marketing to editing, and shooting sessions in the afternoon.

For four days my mind was crammed with so much information and new ideas, that it was kinda hard for me to know where to start when I got home. After I had time to sit with the information, organize my notes, and set some new goals, I would say that the biggest take away for me was license to be more creative and try new things. I kinda had my idea of what a wedding video should be and I was doing my best to hit that idea, but I was wondering where I could go with the films, like how could I keep improving. I know I could get inspired by watching Youtube, but now I have the means to implement my creativity. I'm really excited for this next year for better story crafting, different shooting styles, and more amazing films.

Here's a little video I put together from the styled shoots at the workshop. The forest reminded me of the Upside Down from Stranger Things, which was awesome. I was seeing all the amazing videos my peers from the workshop were posting, and I felt like elegance and flowing beauty were expressed in their videos, and I wouldn't be able to add much more to that collection. So I did something a little different and had lots of fun with this edit. I started in films with music videos, so this is a little like that, super dramatic. I also wrote and recorded this song for the video. I would like to do more little projects like this in the future, but for now it can just be to show what else I can do with films. Hope you enjoy!

Much Love,

Venture Workshop | ventureworkshop.co

The Barn on Jackson Wedding Chehalis, WA | Dillon and Becky

This is a wedding we shot in October, at the quirkiest venue, The Barn on Jackson. I spent a little time in Australia, and the vibe of this place reminded me of a multi family country abode. The bride's quarters were brick with hanging vines, there were roaming goats and an expansive field, and the barn was a mix of weathered wood and brick that just had a rustic warm feel to it.

Becky and Dillon are a wonderful couple. They're very welcoming and hilarious. I have so much footage from this wedding that just cracks me up, that I was momentarily tempted to include some audio clips in the video. And yes those are shots of tequila being taken during the ceremony, just perfect:) 

This wedding is shot in the format of the Laurelhurst Package. You'll see its a bit longer than the North Tabor packages and there is audio from the speeches and the ceremony. Usually I like doing some sort of interview footage with the bride and groom, but Becky and Dillon wanted to keep it super chill and candid, and it worked really well for their video style. The drone footage of course looked amazing thanks to Tiffany, and we also had our friend Wiley Parker there to help us shoot the full ceremony video. Wiley is so good at shooting and he also happens to be the brother in law of the wedding photographer that day, Caito. All the photos on this blog were taken by her, and as you can see she's so creative. 

Love this video and really happy to finally share its goodness with y'all. 

Much Loves,

Photography: Caito

Venue: The Barn on Jackson

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Zenith Vineyard Wedding Salem, OR | Mike and Chelsea

Back in 2016 I shot a wedding for Brad and Kylee. It was at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and is still one of my favorites to this day. (you can watch that video here) One year later we were so excited to hear from Chelsea, who is Kylee's sister. The whole group of friends and family are wonderful people who love a good party, and it's not often you get to shoot with the same folks at different weddings. It was fun recognizing people from my last video(cause lord knows I'm looking at 20-30 hours of faces while I edit:) and seeing a similar party, but with it's own personality. There's a fun little part in Kylee's film where Chelsea jumps over her nieces during the reception. It was such a memorable little moment, and we got a chance to recreate that moment at Mike and Chelsea's wedding, but this time Kylee does the jumping. 

Zenith Vinyards was beautiful and the day was bright. We got amazing light for the sunset photos(which I would always recommend) and the ceremony light was just perfect. I worked this day alongside Jake and Anna of Sweetlife Photography, and you can see their work from the day down below.

Hope you enjoy the video, this was a North Tabor package.

Much Loves,



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Venue | Zenith Vinyard

Photography | Sweetlife Photography

Youngberg Hill Vineyards Wedding McMinnville, OR | Megan and Eric

With the closing of 2017, we wanted to take some time to share with you some of our favorite weddings from this past year. I met up for drinks with Megan and Eric about a month before their wedding date to discuss day of details, and right away I knew how the day would feel. Megan and Eric are really easy to talk to and super laid back. They're just buds, and the comfort and ease of their relationship extends outward to others. Fast forward to September, me and Tiff found ourselves winding through seemingly endless miles of backroads to arrive at Youngberg Hill Vinyards . I'm uncultured and had never visited a vineyard before, so naturally I was blown away by the expansive beauty of the place. We had recently bought our drone and it was a perfect place to capture the wedding from a new vantage point way up in the sky. Tiffany was just getting down tracking with the drone and we were pretty stoked on some of the shots she got in this video. I shot the day alongside Amanda Meg who was doing photos. She had some great ideas and was so fun for us to work with.(BTW all these amazing photos were taken by her) 

As the day moved toward mid afternoon, the heat really turned up. It's pretty understandable for people to get a bit impatient wearing full wedding attire, but this wedding party didn't seem to be bothered. I was sweating through my shirt and these guys were just hamming it up and loving life. Thats the way it should be. You can see during the pre ceremony wedding party pictures, that these guys were so excited to be there and it really shows throughout the whole day. Though Megan and Eric are from Oregon, they lived in Colorado for a bit, and lots and lots of people travelled here for the wedding. Lots of weddings have that family/friend reunion type feel, and I love capturing that feeling. 

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we do. This is the North Tabor package.

This might be my first blog post ever, and I don't think I've updated my facebook in 3 years, but we're gonna try and post regularly here so you can see what we're up to. Also make sure you follow us on socials to see when we post new vids. | Instagram | Facebook |

Much Loves,


Venue: Youngberg Hill Vinyards 

Photos: Amanda Meg Photography